What is a CFS?

CFS stands for ‘Container Freight Station’, and is a warehouse or facility where goods or products are unloaded and stored before being loaded together in one or more containers, then shipped to a destination.

At Pronto’s 20,000 sq. ft. CFS, we can process goods from different customers, whether the shipments are LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments, or FCL (Full Container Load).

Pronto’s CFS Services

Pronto Shipping and Packaging provides CFS services for import and export:

  • Moving empty containers to our Container Freight Station
  • Tallying of Container Freight
  • Drayage of loaded containers from our CFS to the Container Yard at the Port of Houston
  • Issuing dock receipts or shipping orders
  • The physical movement of cargo in or out of our Container Freight Station
  • Sealing and labelling of containers for Identification
  • Preparing container loading plans Storage and Rental of Containers and Container Chassis

Benefits of Using a CFS

  • Allows shippers to take advantage of keeping their product in-bond on a customs form 7512 to keep the product outside of the jurisdiction of the US Customs.
  • Allows the shipper to defer payment of duties and taxes until the shipment is consumed in a manufacturing process or sent to end retailers.
  • Consolidate LCL freight into a larger container with freight of the same or different customers being shipped to the same area.
  • Maintain records of shipments, such as exporter and importer names, customs agents, origin and destination points, cargo details, and more.

Have A Question About our Container Freight Station?

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