Container Storage Yard with Reefer Electric Hook-up

Pronto Shipping and Packaging Services, Inc. has a secure Container Storage Yard where your goods can be stored until you’re ready for delivery.

If your drayage import needs to be pulled before its Last Free Day, we offer that service. Pronto can pull your container and store in our yard until you are ready to deliver it.

Pronto also has a secured US Customs Container yard, where your Containers can be safely stored until cleared by Customs.

Refrigerated Container Storage with Dedicated Electric Hook-up

Don’t let your refrigerated goods spoil while waiting to be delivered. We have dedicated electric outlets for your containers, and offer cold storage and climate-controlled warehousing as well.

Have A Question About Storing your Containers before delivery?

Call (713) 782-1703 to ask specific questions about our Secured Container Storage Yard, or to get a free quote. To track a shipment, visit our Tracking Page. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to request a quote or send us a message.